What is CASBI ?

One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.  Ps. 145:4

The Conservative Anabaptist School Board Institute is held annually to give school board members, principals, and members of the local ministry involved in the operation of our schools opportunity to meet for mutual encouragement, inspiration, and instruction.  Its major purpose is to support school boards in their responsibility to be directors who can actually provide informed, purposeful direction for their schools.

Some of the goals are:

  • to help us keep a fresh, clear Godly vision for our schools
  • to provide opportunity for school directors from different communities to meet one another for discussion on issues they face
  • to address topics such as finances, finding teachers, maintaining parental support, and choosing appropriate curriculum.

The Beachy fellowship ministers have created the Conservative Anabaptist Education Committee which in turn is responsible for appointing and overseeing the planning committee for this institute. Current planning committee members are Randall Yoder, Victor Ebersole, Linford Horst, and Jonas Sauder.

The planning committee welcomes invitations from attending schools to host future institutes and also solicits suggestions for future speakers and topics, and ideas for making the gathering more beneficial to all attendees.

The committee that sponsors this work also helps to sponsor The Dock for Learning which has valuable resources for Christian school boards, administrators, and teachers.

Recordings from previous CASBI events are available here.

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